Frequently asked questions

Ronimisministeerium is an unmanned climbing gym. This means that we do not have an administrator on site, and for regular visits, everything is self-service. It’s simple: you have to buy a ticket from the online store , after which we will send you an invoice and a separate e-mail with an “Open door” link to open the door (click here to watch introductory videos)

Subject to current restrictions, visitors over the age of 12 must present their COVID vaccine certificate or proof of recovery. Our door automation will ask you to upload the corresponding document at the front door after clicking on the Open Door link sent to you.

If you come to climb on your own or with friends, you don’t need to let us know – just buy a ticket and rent shoes from our webshop and hop on the wall.

If you want an instructor lead climbing session, you must book a in advance. You will find various options for instructor lead climbing. from here .

With a regular ticket, you can open the front door every day from 9:00 to 21:00. Premium tickets enable access 24 hours a day. You can freely choose the time of departure.

No. You can climb until you get tired.

Of course! Ronimisministeerium offers physical entertainment for everyone – from children to pensioners. We have a variety of climbing routes for both beginners and advanced.

You can start climbing on your own, but the best introduction to climbing you will get from our Bouldering ABC courses , where you get acquainted with climbing together with our instructor. More info on the dates check Ronimisministeerium Facebook Events .

Definitely! At Ronimisministeerium we do boulding, i.e. the walls are up to 4.0 m high, and a special 30 cm thick cushioning mat is all across the gym to catch your fall. You climb alone, but there is a risk of finding new friends among the climbers working on the same climbing route is quite high, regardless of whether you come alone or not.

Children are definitely welcome! We have set routes across the gym which are suitable for climbers from the age of 10. Additionally we have two beginners’ and childrens’ walls where the distance of the holds is child friendly even 3 for year olds. You can find information about children’s workouts here .

4-5 year olds are already pretty good climbers, 3 year olds can often surprise their parents and the child in this video is under two years old.

Our smallest rental climbing shoes in size 24.

You only have to pay for climbing. Companions can enter for free.

No. Ronimisministeerium is built for bouldering, i.e. the walls are up to 4.0 m high with a 30 cm thick protective mat on the floors.

When coming to climb, we recommend wearing comfortable sports clothes. It is easy to hit the knees on the first times, so pants covering knees can come handy.

There are special climbing shoes for climbing, which have a narrower nose and a well-gripping sole. Climbing shoes can be rented from Ronimisministeerium. Climbing barefoot is not allowed due to safety and hygiene considerations.

We do not recommend climbing with your indoor sports shoes, because only with climbing shoes you can put maximum body weight on your feet. Excessive hanging on your hands quickly makes you tired. If you still prefer your indoor sports shoes, wear shoes with a thin sole!

You will find rental climbing shoes from shelves in the middle of the gym.. If you have paid for the rental shoes in our webshop, you can choose the shoes by yourself. Rental climbing shoes do not need to be booked in advance. You have to wear your own socks in rental shoes.

All you need for bouldering is a climbing shoes (purchase price from 80 €, rental price from 2 €). Owning a chalk bag comes in handy (purchase price from 20 €, rent 1 €).

Of course! You can find more information about birthdays here and about climbing with friends / co-workers here .

With our premium tickets, you can visit us 24/7. In addition, you can visit our other halls with a premium ticket at no extra charge.

In case of 10x, 1, 3, 6 and 12-month passes, extension is possible by presenting us a medical certificate stating at least 1 week incapacity for training.

Notify us immediately in case of injury or illness. In case of a break of less than a week, the card will not be extended. The same applies if the notification came after the validity of the medical certificate stating incapacity for training.

In addition, premium pass holders can take a training leave: 1 month card holders for 1 week, 3 month card holders for 3 weeks, 6 month card holders for 6 weeks and 12 month card holders for 12 weeks. If you want to take a training break in installments, you can do so in full weeks.