Instructor led climbing with friends or colleagues

When climbing, no one feels left out,  which is why it’s a great social event for groups of friends and collectives. If you’re looking for a sociable activity that’s fun, engaging for everyone and inspires confidence, then climbing is worth a try.

Introductory training:

Teaches the basics of bouldering

Teaches fundamental climbing skills

Teaches safe use of climbing walls

Gives confidence to climb independently


Up to 2 climbers

69 €

For each additional climber

17 €

The price includes:

  • Entrance and climbing shoe rental;
  • 1.5 h instructed climbing.

The price does not include the use of the party area. Use of the party area for events: €30/h.

NB! After instructed climbing, it is possible to continue climbing independently and/or use our unisex sauna.

Instructor led climbing price list:  
2 climbers 69 €
3 climbers 86 €
4 climbers 103 €
5 climbers 120 €
6 climbers 137 €
7 climbers 154 €
8 climbers 171 €
9 climbers 188 €
10 climbers 205 €
11 climbers 222 €
12 climbers 239 €
13 climbers 256 €
14 climbers 273 €
For each additional climber 17 €


For booking contact
booking form
or call (+372 562 339 65).

To confirm the reservation, after agreeing on the date and time, transfer € 50 (up to € 49 in case of 2 climbers) to the following bank account and send a payment confirmation to:

  • Recipient: RonMin MTÜ
  • IBAN: EE957700771008760464
  • Explanation: guided climbing, <date>

The second part of the fee must be paid at the Ministry of R&R before departure by bank transfer, online shop or cash. When paying by bank transfer or webshop, show the payment confirmation screen from your phone to the instructor.

NB! On the date of the event, please arrive up to 15 minutes before the start of the event. An instructor is waiting for you at the front door. Please bring sportswear.